Stephen Hatfield

"A great composer and a remarkable person" - Ivars Cinkuss, Gaudeamus Men's Choir, Latvia

"Especially well written choral music, full of fresh sounds and such varied" - Prof. Erkki Pohjola, founder, Tapiola Choir

"I was deeply impressed by your multitude of skills: your ability to make music a vibrant reflection of life, more, to integrate it wholly with our emotional and physical natures; your pedagogical brilliance in illuminating music; your fantastic dynamism on the podium, in rehearsal and performance; your deep sense of mission; and your gift of inclusion and friendship." - Edward Higginbottom, New College Oxford

"Hatfield's music is an ideal teaching tool, simultaneously engaging the mind, body, and spirit. All of his work is so appealing and well crafted that singers enjoy the process of discovery that the music invariably offers. Each and every piece has interesting yet challenging material for each voice part, possesses a depth of meaning, and feels good to the voice." - Dr. Soveig Holmquist, Director of Choral Activities, Western Oregon University

"Stephen Hatfield's music excites, challenges, and is utterly compelling. His voice is completely unique in the choral world, and no choir should be without his music in the repertoire." - Bob Chilcott

"Hatfield's voice is strong and evocative, yet his music is always presented with an elegantly simple and accessible language. His uncanny sense of unity between text and melody along with the use of textures, paterns and rhythmic layers bring the diverse sounds and atmospheres of the world to the classroom and concert stage. His music is a must for today's choral ensembles." - Dr. Lee Willingham, Bell'Arte Singers; Faculty of Music, Wilfrid Laurier University

"A genius" - Jean Ashworth Bartle, Toronto Children's Chorus

"A genius" - Ondrej Kopriva, Gentelmen Singers, Czech Republic

"A genius" - John Barron, Amabile Youth Singers

"Some of the best music for youth choirs I have ever heard." - Dianne Berkun, Brooklyn Youth Chorus

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